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Weaver’s Cords Workshop

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 National Museum Cardiff, Oriel Suite

Due to the limited number of spots, this workshop requires a reservation, plus £6 (pre-paid online) to cover the cost of the supplies.

Are you part witch…or all weaver? Or maybe you are just interested in learning how to make your own set of weaver’s cords.

This workshop will provide you with the instructions and supplies that you need to make a set of weaver’s cords to take home with you. We will supply the cords, charms, string, and clasps.

You will need to bring a few things with you:

1. Your patience as we weave our cords together.

2. Your laughter, as weaver’s cords are known to get tangled, and

3. Your unique magic.

Together we will weave the cords and you will take home a unique souvenir of All Souls Con 2019 Cardiff.


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