The All Souls Con pre-recorded sessions will be published over these three dates (all subject to change):

🎨 Marks a workshop or hands-on session.

October 31st

Session Speaker(s)
🎨 All Souls Art Therapy: Painting Diana with Tea Belia Simm
Queen, Sage, Mystic, Mother, Lover, Maiden, Huntress: Female Archetypes in Shadow Of Night Cait Parnell, Jennifer Daine
The Hunt for the Secrets of Nature Dr. Donna Bilak
The Elixir of Eternity and the Afterlife: Exploring Matthew Clairmont’s Wine Cellar Through the Ages Dr. Patrick McGovern
Discovering the Practical Magic in the Research Library Victoria Orzechowski, Ashley Augustyniak, Caroline McCarthy

Sunday, November 15th

Session Speaker(s)
Herbalism: Medical & Magical Uses of the Herbs in All Souls Andrea Helton, MSAOM, L.Ac.
Blood, Wine & Politics: Yellow Fever in Marcus’s Philadelphia
Dr. Ashley Bowen
🎨 Signatures and Secrets: Calligraphy in Elizabethan England Dr. Elisabeth Berry Drago, Alexis Pedrick
Unleashing Your Inner Magic: Embracing the Creature In Each Of Us Nikki Gastineau, Ashley Crawley, Janet Reynolds
Paintings in the All Souls Trilogy Dr. Stephenie McGucken

Saturday, November 28th

Session Speaker(s)
🎨 Channeling Your Inner Amira—Yoga Session Aly Davis
Yarn Craft Through the All Souls Centuries: Channelling Your Inner Em Amy Austin-Taggart, Leah DiPilato
The Congregation, Segregation, Miscegenation, and Eugenics Angela Hutter, Jean Siska, Valerie, Grendell, Dr. Shelli Carter
Alchemical Disunion, Magical Interventions and Gender Conflict—from the Malleus to the Discovery Beth Landers
Troubadours, Occitania, and the Medieval Art of Love Dr. Marisa Galvez