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Seats on the one-way bus transfer from Cardiff to Oxford are sold out. However, we’d be happy to rent an additional bus if there’s enough demand.

Please email if you’re interested.

Oxford tours are not included and are your responsibility.

The Oxford bus transfer requires a separate ticket item offered when you purchase your Con pass, at £19 per attendee / £25 for friends and family traveling with you.

Bus transfer provided by Edwards Coached Ltd.


Ticket Type Price Cart

Donating to the Science History Institute

You can make a tax deductible donation to the Science History Institute via their website:

Donating to the Bodleian Library

If you’d like to donate money to Bodley’s American Friends, please send a check to:

Janice Ugaki, Administrator
The American Trust for Oxford
c/o The Rhodes Trust
8229 Boone Boulevard, Suite 240
Vienna, VA 22182

Make the check payable to American Trust for Oxford (or ATFO) with “Bodley’s American Friends” (or BAF) in the memo line.